Funding to promote Young People’s Voices in addressing the root causes and effects of sexual exploitation.

As part of the Samworth Foundation’s commitment to combat issues of sexual exploitation and as part of our learning in this area, we launched  Young Voices:  a new fund calling for organisations who place young people at the centre of their design, decision making and model of delivery to influence and effect change in the prevention of Sexual Exploitation.

Building on our current funding strategy and Article 12 of the UNCRC, the Samworth Foundation offered a standalone piece of funding for charitable organisations sharing the same commitment to and value of participatory approaches across their work to prevent and respond to Sexual Exploitation.

After a two stage application process, the Foundation was delighted to offer support to a small portfolio of 6 organisations, over a 3-year timeframe.  Each organisation was offered a grant based on their strong organisational commitment to a participatory approach, where young people play a legitimate role in the design, review and influence practice.