For those who want to leave prostitution, the numerous barriers that stand in the way are vast.  Alongside the stigma and lack of support, there is also inequality, lack of opportunities, poverty, homelessness, drugs/alcohol use, abuse of vulnerability and abuse of power.  Often a number or all of these difficulties are faced at once and for many, has pushed them into selling sexual services as a means to survive.   It doesn’t take much to see why women feel they have no option but to continue selling sex acts even when they don’t want to.

Beyond the Streets is a national charity working to end sexual exploitation by Creating Routes Out through working directly with women.  They believe that by offering excellent, reliable and life-changing information and support, more people will find it easier to exit prostitution.  Beyond the Streets facilitate a National Affiliate Network of projects across the UK to ensure that the projects provide effective routes out of prostitution for women.

“We want to see a world where people are free from sexual exploitation, and where those in prostitution have the option to pursue genuine alternatives, free from constraints such as poverty, drug dependency, and abuses of vulnerability”


50% of women involved in prostitution began selling sex before the age of 18

At least three quarters of women in prostitution have been physically assaulted

50% of women in prostitution have been sexually assaulted


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