Our Response: Covid-19

Last updated:  5th June 2020

The Samworth Foundation have aligned with the London Funders response to COVID 19 as we feel strongly that a co-ordinated response and approach by Foundations is essential.  We, along with a wider group of funders, recognise that the covid-19 outbreak is an exceptional event that will have an impact on civil society groups, and want to offer reassurance that we stand with the sector during this time.   You can see the current list of funders who have committed to this statement alongside us at https://londonfunders.org.uk/about/covid-19

The Foundation wants to be as helpful as possible during the coming weeks and months so that our grantees can focus on their vital work.  We understand that there will be times when staff and volunteers will not be available, when your organisation may need services to be provided in different ways, or when systems need to be flexible to ensure that needs are met.

If you anticipate your organisation being impacted by the covid-19 outbreak, please get in touch with your grant manager directly.  We are fully committed to supporting you through this exceptional time.

Where we have any news on emergency funding relevant to our grantees, we commit to publishing this on our website; however due to information being updated on a daily basis, the Foundation will add links to other websites that list full details of grant funding available nationwide.  The main sources of information are:

Civil Society News:  List of Funding

Charity Banks: List of emergency Funds

London Community Response: New Funding

NCVO (free access during pandemic):  Funding Central

Leicestershire Communities*:  List of Funding

Rosa’s Covid-19 Response Fund:  Open for Applications

*Leicestershire Communities includes national fund listings and is updated on a regular basis