Our commitment

The current agreed strategy for our core grants programme aims to address the root causes and effects of sexual exploitation; and to champion environmental recovery and combat climate change and its effects.

The Samworth Foundation is a pro-active funder.  The Board considers applications made by the invitation of the Trustees, or the staff of the Foundation, and unsolicited applications will not be considered.

  • We will develop specific thematic funding streams for at least one issue under each strategic aim.
  • We will commit to each thematic initiative for a period of three years. Thematic initiatives will be identified and developed after considered research and consultation.
  • We will seek opportunities to fund internationally and in the UK through devolved grant makers.
  • We will partner with other specialists to offer organisational support to grantees and will commit to providing core costs alongside project costs. We look to invest in organisations and their people rather than just the specific projects they deliver.
  • We will commit to multi-annual grants, usually a three-year period.
  • We will fund work which may be risky or unproven, with the aim of supporting organisations to scale up work, demonstrate impact and/or develop an evidence base to better influence practice and policy.
  • We recognise the contribution small and medium sized organisations offer to each sector and we seek opportunities to grant where we can see the significant impact and value of a grant.

As a proactive funder we will look for partners and organisations who may have one or more of the following:

  • Have a clear understanding of the wider context in which they work
  • Have a back history of relevant experience
  • Seek to use practice and/or evidence to reform and inform national policy and practice, particularly through advocacy and lobbying by themselves or with others.
  • Seek to explore collaborations
  • Seek to understand systemic issues of sexual exploitation or environment and climate change in either the UK or internationally
  • Aim to play a catalytic role in enabling permanent change
  • Have a strong Christian ethos in line with the Samworth Family charter
  • Show inspired leadership and have a clear succession plans

We are on the look-out for longer term partnerships with a small number of particularly valued organisations. This can be the most cost-effective way of achieving impact. Such grants are considered carefully to ensure we do not create financial dependence or skew the sustainability of an organisation.