Grant evaluation and reporting

We accept that change often takes time, however it is important that we are able to understand how well a partner and its plans are likely to achieve the change set out.  Our evaluation emphasises learning through an understanding of an organisation, the challenges and achievements it faces, as well as any project related success.

We want to be strategic and purposeful in our grant making. We will bring partners together to share experiences and provide opportunities to look for collaborative opportunities. We believe that advocacy plays a key role in achieving change and, often, working as a combined body of many can strengthen this influence of both policy and practice.

We recognise that we may be one of many funders to a piece of work or action. We do not want to detract from work on the ground and are happy to accept reports written for other donors, with prior agreement.

How and when do we evaluate?

Evaluation is undertaken in two distinct ways for the Samworth Foundation. The first includes regular grant monitoring through informal reviews and the development of our relationship with each grantee.  The second includes a more formal reporting process including an annual grant review and end of grant report.

Informal Updates are requested 6-8 weeks prior to every Trustee meeting and generally provides an update on the previous 3-4 months’ work undertaken by the grantee. Informal updates are received via email and often prompt a phone conversation. They allow us to discuss any challenges and achievements to the organisation as well as understand any significant milestones achieved in the work.

Annual Reports are requested at the end of each year of the grant award. Grantees are asked to submit a summary of progress to date, evidence of outcomes and lessons learned.  To be able to release the next tranche of funding, the report is to be accompanied by a financial report and audited accounts.  We provide a template for Grantees’ use but are happy to receive reports written for other donors. We ask that reports do not exceed 4 pages of A4.

Towards the end of any multi-annual grant, the Foundation asks for an End of Grant Report to be completed by the Grantee. This provides the Grantee with the opportunity to reflect on their overall achievement, identify where there have been significant challenges and how they have been overcome.  The end of grant report is also a way for the Grantee to present an overview of where the grant has been the most effective and open up the potential to explore any future funding opportunities. Again, the use of this template can be reviewed with Samworth Foundation staff should there be an alternative document/report available.  A financial report covering the entire grant alongside a copy of the latest Audited Annual Accounts must accompany this report.

Feedback on the grant and the relationship between grantee and the Samworth Foundation is completed by Foundation staff and returned within 4 weeks of receipt.