Newly awarded grants

Four grants were approved and awarded at the Trustee Board meeting held on the 16th June 2020.

Neon (New Economy Organisers Network)

£15,000 for one year

In collaboration with Thirty Percy, Treebeard Trust, and the Solberga Foundation, a grant of £60,000 was offered to Neon to support their specific work training healthcare workers to rapidly increase the number of persuasive NHS voices in the media who can talk both about the post-corona situation in health, and advocate progressive policy interventions on a range of issues such as air pollution, public transport provision and other environmental concerns and regularly talk up the links between climate change, environmental degradation and public health.

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Green New Deal UK

£100,000 over two years

There is a clear gap in the environment sector, where no-one is looking to empower and organise communities at the grass roots level, to design and campaign for the change they need to help address Climate Change. To address this gap, and with the encouragement of key organisations in the sector, GND UK was established last year.  Their mission is to be a movement led organisation that provides an ‘organising hub’ to facilitate the efforts of ordinary people around the country who want to help campaign for change.

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£150,000 over three years

Possible works to inspire people in the UK to take courageous climate action for a rapid zero-carbon transition.  Possible focus on five areas where the public can have the biggest impact and offer innovative and inspiring solutions.  They take an idea, test it, take it to the community, get community ownership and help them make it happen.  From community owned solar powered rail lines, to change of use of residential car parking spaces to green plots for those without cars.

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The Gaia Foundation

£150,000 over three years

The Gaia Foundation provides legal, advocacy, communications support and training for communities and civil society groups across the world. They work alongside a global network of partners, supporting their work, helping build capacity and strengthening alliances. The Gaia Foundation focus on the challenges of climate change and ecological breakdown, re-connecting with Nature, and building resilience through seed and food sovereignty and alternatives to extractivism.

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