Newly awarded grants

Three grants were approved and awarded at the Trustee Board meeting held on the 1st December 2020.

Helen Bamber Foundation

£25,759 for one year

The Helen Bamber Foundation’s (HBF’s) mission is to give survivors of modern slavery and human trafficking the strength to move on and to protect those at risk. In 2017, the UN reported a record number of people trapped in forced labour, an estimated 25 million victims, including 5 million victims of sexual exploitation.  HBF are now at the forefront not only of delivering care for survivors but also of setting standards for counter- trafficking programmes in the UK and around the world.

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Rainforest Foundation UK

£225,000 over three years

The Rainforest Foundation UK (RFUK) promotes the rights of Indigenous Peoples across the world’s rainforests. They believe the most effective way to curb deforestation is by empowering the people whose survival is intricately tied to the forests. For these communities, not only are forests their home, they are the source of their sustenance, their livelihoods, and the root of their identity. Having inhabited tropical forests for millennia, no group is better equipped to manage and protect these valuable ecosystems.

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Client Earth

£300,000 over three years

We all know that we have a part to play in protecting the environment and the world we live in. As individuals and as a society we need to challenge governments and industry and make them accountable for the environmental issues that we now face.  Through the use of careful campaigns back by the power of the law, ClientEarth is an organisation which uses the law to strengthen environmental campaigning across the UK and Europe, often with a global impact.  They tackle issues ranging from climate change to deforestation, all of which are major threats to our planet.

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