Newly awarded grants

Two grants were approved and awarded at the recent Trustee Board meeting held on the 11th July 2019.


£4,217 for External Evaluation

For mostly political and economic reasons, Zimbabwe is an incredibly difficult country to work in and particularly difficult to deliver help and support to those most in need. As a result, many of the large international aid agencies have exited, taking their funding and expertise away. Local organisations are left to work through already established local and national networks, such as the Church, to help those most in need; orphans and vulnerable children, people with HIV/AIDS, people with no food or clean water, people with no way of earning money. Over the last five years, a grant from the Samworth Foundation enabled Tearfund to help strengthen some of these local organisations, build on their expertise and support them, thereby strengthening civil society. This new funding will support an external evaluation of this project which will provide an excellent learning opportunity for not only Tearfund but also other NGO’s in Zimbabwe. Tearfund plan to hold an event to share the results.

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NWG Network

£150,000 over three years

NWG Network are the lead organisation in the effective transferal of skills, knowledge and expertise to agencies across the country who are seeking to reduce exploitation in all its forms and make a difference to children, adolescents and adults who have been subjected to exploitation. They have supported more than 30,000 professionals working in the field of exploitation since 2012.  NWG have over 1400 members who represent over 300 organisations, which include agencies across a wide range of sectors; voluntary sector children’s and youth organisations, youth services, social care, health, education, statutory bodies, police, retail and private companies.





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