Climate Change is the greatest environmental threat that humanity faces, and strong political leadership on the part of our Government and Politicians is essential to bring about change at the speed and scale necessary to reverse the changing state of nature across our land and in our seas.

Green Alliance is a charity and independent think tank focused on leading the way to increase political action and support for environmental solutions.  They have been working hard in partnership with NGOs to provide political parties with the ideas and strategies they need to put environmental priorities at the heart of their policies.  Through their established “Climate Leadership Programme”, now in its second phase, Green Alliance aims to provide newly appointed MPs with a clearer understanding of the impacts of climate change, so they become Climate Champions, leading the way to ensure the right policies are developed and implemented in order to meet the ambitions of the Climate Change Act.


“Political influence can become much more effective when it is backed by a deeper understanding of the science, policy and politics of climate change”

Since the late 19th Century, the global average temperature has risen by 1ºc according the Committee on Climate Change (CCC)

A UN commissioned report concluded that climate change will have significant impacts on bio diversity

Effects of climate change include rising sea levels and declining glaciers and sea ice

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