Following the devastation of Tropical Cyclone Idai on the 15th March 2019, thousands of people were left without access to food, shelter, clean water and vital healthcare.  MSF were able to rapidly deploy emergency teams.

The Cyclone, which struck Malawi, Mozambique and Zimbabwe with winds of more than 200 km/hour, left a trail of destruction across the region; knocking down trees and bridges, destroying family homes and blocking essential roads.  MSF estimates that nearly 110,000 have been displaced with nearly a 1,000 people feared to have died.

Since the Cyclone hit, MSF teams have quickly been able to provide healthcare, clean water and sanitation as well as distributing essential relief items and hygiene kits to those most in need.


Picture:  An MSF team travel by foot to access a village cut off by Cylone Idai in Chimanimani, Zimbabwe. MSF Website



100 tonnes of supplies, including medical kits, water and sanitation equipment and logistical items have been sent to Beira in Mozambique.


7,500 litres of clean water supplied by MSF’s treatment facility every hour in Beira, Mozambique


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