With the Covid-19 outbreak now on a global scale, Médecins Sans Frontieres are working hard to reach small remote communities living in the State of Amazonas before the coronavirus pandemic takes hold. With limited transport and access to healthcare in these areas means that MSF are having to respond in different ways to be able to track the pandemic and treat patients.

MSF’s three main priorities when tackling the outbreak are:

  • Supporting health authorities to provide care for patients with COVID-19 
  • Protecting people who are vulnerable and at risk 
  • Keeping essential medical services running

“COVID-19 is difficult to manage in countries where there are established healthcare systems but the challenges are greatly exacerbated where there is extreme poverty, instability, conflict and a healthcare system that is barely functioning”. 

  • Brazil is now one of the worst affected countries in world
  • There has been more than 2.7 million infections of Covid-19
  • There have been more than 94,000 deaths

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Image and quote from MSF website.