In 2008, NWG Network became the first UK organisation solely committed to tackling Child Sexual Exploitation (CSE) and trafficking of children by working to improve professional responses. By putting children and young people at the centre of their response and supporting grassroots practitioners, they quickly established themselves as the leading national specialist in this field, working with government, public bodies and charity partners and continually pushing for improvement in prevention, disruption and support for victims.

The NWG Network, is a collaboration of professionals, which has grown exponentially to 14,500 dissemination points around the country over the past 6 years. The network is designed to provide tools and resources, training, shared learning through seminars and workshops to ensure that those working with families, young people and children are equipped to spot the signs of exploitation, escalate the issues correctly and disrupt criminal activity in order to keep children and young people safe. Each year over 55 shared learning events are held throughout the country.

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