Shortly after setting up a regional investigative hub in the West Midlands four years ago, Hope for Justice began an investigation into a modern day slavery ring which were finally brought to justice and convicted of their crimes in July 2019.  Work began in 2015, when Community Outreach Workers initially identified two victims which led to the investigation by West Midlands Police.  It is believed that the gang ran the UK’s largest modern slavery ring with more than 400 victims, many forced to live in squalid conditions in the West Midlands.  The victims were forced to work on farms and in factories, earning the criminal gang millions of pounds.

Hope for Justice have been able to support over 51 of the victims through the investigation process over the last four years; not only helping to identify them, but through advocacy and support have supported them to overcome the many hurdles that they’ve had to go through as victims of modern day slavery, many of them now on the road to recovery.


“Modern slavery is where one person controls another by exploiting a vulnerability. It is often linked with human trafficking, where a person is forced into a service against their will – usually forced work or prostitution”.

The UK’s National Crime Agency estimates it’s likely there are tens of thousands of slavery victims across the UK

It is estimated that there are 24.9 million people in forced labour, sexual exploitation and domestic servitude worldwide

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*photo taken by West Midlands Police