Our grant-giving strategy

The Samworth Foundation dedicates its resource to combat social and environmental inequality; aiming to support organisations who address the root causes of such UK and global based issues, particularly those which affect the most marginalised and vulnerable. We intentionally search out organisations to work with and therefore do not consider unsolicited applications.

We aim to address the root causes and effects of sexual exploitation.

Within this there is a recognition that:

  • Specialist providers and large national campaigning organisations play a complimentary role.
  • Legal reform is an important element in making the system more accessible to people seeking justice and in holding those who harm/exploit to account.
  • The Samworth Foundation is interested in addressing the root causes of forms of sexual exploitation, rather than funding organisations who only offer therapeutic support.
  • The concepts of ‘Demand’ and ‘Supply’ are equally valid in addressing the root causes of such sexual exploitation and abuse.
  • There is a need to focus interventions with those under, as well as over, 18 years old.
  • We seek to fund work nationally and internationally.
  • We value the principles of a Contextual Safeguarding approach

We aim to champion environmental recovery and combat climate change and its effects.

Within this there is a recognition that:

  • Climate Change can be understood as a human concern and not just an environmental one, (recognising the crossover of social and environmental issues).
  • Legal frameworks, policy reform and lobbying can work to prevent environmentally destructive practices.
  • Evidenced based research and rhetoric plays an important role in influencing change.
  • Environmental degradation such as soil quality, erosion and a loss of biodiversity are inextricably linked to climate change.
  • To champion the recovery of biodiversity and combat climate change, there is a need to tackle and reverse pollution, habitat loss and harmful land management practices.
  • Building a strong evidence base will encourage permanent change and the uptake of good management practices.
  • We seek to fund work nationally in the UK, particularly around ecology and habitat.
  • To combat climate change, the Foundation may incorporate international work and approaches.