Committed to helping those in need

Our principles

As a funder, the Samworth Foundation seeks to bring lasting change to social and environmental issues, both in the UK and internationally, recognising equality of opportunities for all, and promoting the strong values of partnership working.  We aim to build lasting relationships with our grantees through a commitment to fund those elements of work or organisational costs other donors are usually unable to fund.

The Foundation is passionate about making systemic change and we look to fund exceptional organisations who work to address the root causes of our strategic priorities: sexual exploitation and the environment, especially where there is a focus on giving people a meaningful voice to take action on the issues that greatly impact on their lives.  We favour projects where the community sees a need and aims to encourage people to help themselves. We look for partners who demonstrate this same passion.

Working together

In today’s uncertain economy and dwindling public sector response, the Foundation recognises the many challenges charitable organisations face in securing income, responding to increasing demand and being able to grow strategically and sustainably. Therefore, the Foundation is prepared to take risks in our grant making, actively considering awarding to those costs others rarely fund – with the aim of ensuring the long term sustainability of an organisation. 

Our mission is to be an impactful and responsive funder, with the intention of supporting our partners to become more resilient, manage risks and be better positioned to meet the future needs of their communities. We respect the experience our partners possess and we are committed to supporting them in their own development and the success of their work. We aim to learn from the conversations we have with our partners and encourage them to work and collaborate together.

In 2019 we continued to support grants

To combat violence against women and girls

6 Grants totalling £264,836

In 2019 we pledged funding

To help organisations influence policy and public understanding on environmental issues

10 Grants totalling £594,809

In 2019 we continued to fund grants

To support vulnerable young people into education

1 Grant totalling £35,000

In 2019 we designated funding

To support vulnerable people who are exploited sexually, trafficked or in any modern form of slavery

17 Grants totalling £1,193,439